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The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres

International Symposium

Verona - Italy, 6 to 8 July 2022

Final Papers (sorted by session title)

AURA - Auralisation of acoustic heritage sites using augmented and virtual reality

AURA - Auralisation of acoustic heritage sites using Augmented and Virtual Reality. Project overview and methodological approach
Author(s): Raffaella Bellomini, Chiara Bartalucci, Lucia Busa, Paola Pulella
Analysis of auralisation techniques for 3D models of music theatres
Author(s): Sophie Schauer, Natalya Shakhovska , Jürgen Sieck
Aural Augmented and Virtual Reality applications: best practices and challenges
Author(s): Andrey Borisov, Anne Eiselein, Julien Letellier, Jürgen Sieck, Elisabeth Thielen
Digital survey and 3D modeling to support the auralization and virtualization processes of three European theater halls: Berlin Konzerthaus, Lviv Opera House and Teatro del Maggio Musicale in Florence. A methodological framework
Author(s): Stefano Bertocci, Andrea Lumini , Federico Cioli

Challenges in open-air theatres simulation and analysis

Time-frequency diffraction acoustic modeling of the Epidaurus theatre
Author(s): Konstantinos Kaleris, George Moiragias, Panagiotis Hatziantoniou, John Mourjopoulos
Theoretical investigation of diffraction phenomena in the ancient theatre of Epidaurus
Author(s): Penelope Menounou, Spyros Bougiesis
Revisiting archaeoacoustic methodology in the studies of acoustic vessels: application to Brittany and Serbia
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Valière, Bénédicte Bertholon, Zorana Đorđević, Dragan Novković
Adapting the EST method to ancient theatres: a proposal
Author(s): Jean-Dominique Polack , Aidan Meacham , Roland Badeau , Jean-Christophe Valière
Ancient Greek theatre – impulse response simulation
Author(s): Piotr Wojdyllo, Peter Balazs
Challenges in calibration of acoustical models for historic virtual reality auralizations
Author(s): Louena Shtrepi , Lorenzo Lavagna, Antonella Bevilacqua , Angelo Farina, Arianna Astolfi
Caveats and pitfalls in acoustic simulation of non-existing buildings
Author(s): Francesco Martellotta
Past challenges in the study of ancient open-air theater acoustics: cases from Anatolia
Author(s): Mehmet Çalişkan , Demet Irkli Eryildiz, Zühre Sü Gül
The Loggia Cornaro (1524) as a bridge between the ancient and the modern theatre
Author(s): Dario D'Orazio , Giulia Fratoni
From terrestrial laser scanning to room acoustic simulation: 3D modelling to investigate acoustics between late antiquity and the middle ages
Author(s): Gianluca Foschi
Comparison of noise measurements and models inside Siracusa Greek Theatre
Author(s): Andrea Cerniglia , Elisa Amato, Gelsomina Di Feo, Roberto Bettari , Enrica De Melio

Conservation, transformation and valorization of ancient theatres

Architecture, image and sound through history and time: conservation, transformation and valorization of Roman theatres
Author(s): Emanuele Morezzi , Emanuele Romeo, Riccardo Rudiero
The Colosseum: an iconic space
Author(s): Barbara Nazzaro , Federica Rinaldi
The Verona Charter on the use of ancient places of performance. The acoustic issues in the Verona Arena project with the central stage
Author(s): Mario Cognini

Discussion on acoustical parameters for ancient open-air theatres

Theatres in Italy from Roman age to Renaissance: the meaning of reverberation time measurements
Author(s): Alessandro Cocchi

Modern use of ancient performance spaces

The Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. Preservation of acoustic quality during the latest restoration work
Author(s): Gustavo Basso
Preserving and managing the sonic heritage of performative spaces of the past.
Author(s): Angela Bellia
Acoustic modeling of the Veche Square in Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Author(s): Vasilyev Michael, Nikolay Kanev, Natalia Shirgina, Igor Shubin
Acoustics of Roman theatre in Salona
Author(s): Marjan Sikora , Jurica Đerek, Matija Pauković, Ante Jurčević

Perception of speech and music in performance spaces

The egocentric audio perspective in virtual environments
Author(s): Michele Geronazzo
Acoustic measurements of Ancient Greek Theatre masks
Author(s): Gavriil Kamaris , Fotis Kontomichos , John Mourjopoulos , Thanos Vovolis
Reinforcement of binaural cues by floor and ceiling reflections
Author(s): Bernhard U. Seeber
Does surface scattering improve speech perception compared to plain surfaces?
Author(s): Nicola Prodi, Matteo Pellegatti, Chiara Visentin
Architectural acoustics and parliamentary debate: exploring the acoustics of the UK House of Commons Chamber
Author(s): Aglaia Foteinou , Damian Murphy , John Cooper

Ritual spaces in ancient times: caves, temples, and early Christian churches

Acoustical measurements of Japanese Kagura ancient theatres
Author(s): Ryota Shimokura
Review of sixteen Pskov churches equipped with acoustic vessels
Author(s): Nikolay Kanev
Acoustics measurements, analysis and comparative study for caves used for Pan and Nymphs’ ancient rituals
Author(s): Gavriil Kamaris, Nektarios-Petros Yioutsos, John Mourjopoulos
FVTD simulation of the acoustics of the Phonocamptic Cave in Noyon
Author(s): Hugo Duval , Antoine Thomas , Aidan Meacham , Roland Badeau , Jean-Christophe Valière, Jean-Dominique Polack
The development of the early acoustics of the chancel in Notre-Dame de Paris: 1160-1230
Author(s): Sarabeth S. Mullins, Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou, Brian F.G. Katz
Acoustic characterization of the Pilgrimage Rupestrian Church of St. Michael’s in Gravina in Puglia
Author(s): Francesco Martellotta , Michele D'Alba , Stefania Liuzzi, Chiara Rubino
Acoustic analysis of a well-preserved Renaissance music space: the Odeo Cornaro in Padua
Author(s): Giulia Fratoni , Dario D'Orazio , Michele Ducceschi , Massimo Garai

SIPARIO - Spatial audio techniques for 3D measurements and recordings in ancient theatres

Deepening acoustic studies of the Roman theatre of Verona: effects of an acoustic shell
Author(s): Lamberto Tronchin , Antonella Bevilacqua , Yan Ruoran
Acoustics of the Teatro dell’Accademia delle Arti in Tirana (Albania) - spatial sound analysis
Author(s): Veronica Amodeo, Fabio Capanni, Riccardo Renzi, Yan Ruoran , Simone Secchi, Maria Cristina Tommasino
Design of a multichannel audio system based on A2B architecture
Author(s): Daniel Pinardi, Lorenzo Chiesi, Antonella Bevilacqua , Nicholas Rocchi, Angelo Farina, Marco Binelli, Elia Bonomi
Application of a Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) Audio System based on A2B protocol: a case study
Author(s): Marco Binelli, Nicholas Rocchi, Antonella Bevilacqua , Angelo Farina, Daniel Pinardi, Andrea Toscani, Elia Bonomi
3D Acoustics of the Roman Theatres in Pompei - a comparison
Author(s): Lamberto Tronchin , Yan Ruoran , Gino Iannace, Antonella Bevilacqua , Maria Cristina Tommasino
The acoustic of ancient amphitheater
Author(s): Antonella Bevilacqua , Gino Iannace, Ilaria Lombardi, Amelia Trematerra, Rosaria Parente, Umberto Berardi

Soundscape of historical sites

Design retrofitting on an ancient amphitheater by combined room acoustics and soundscape methodologies
Author(s): Petros Flampouris
The acoustics of the recently excavated Larissa Theater A
Author(s): Gavriil Kamaris , John Mourjopoulos, Dimitrios L. Karagkounis, Sofia D. Tsanaktsidou
Digital humanities in the historical soundscape research: sound of eighteenth century Naples
Author(s): Hasan Baran Firat , Massimiliano Masullo, Luigi Maffei
Ancient theatres as part of the soundscape of contemporary urban fabrics: the A’ theatre of Larisa
Author(s): Kalliopi Chourmouziadou
The effect of lightscape on soundscape perception in historical sites
Author(s): Lorna Flores Villa, Tin Oberman, Claudia Guattari, Francesco Asdrubali , Marco Frascarolo , Giuseppina Emma Puglisi
Research of the historical soundscape of the ancient city of Side in the light of small findings and architectural elements
Author(s): Özlemv Gök Tokgöz

The acoustics of singing voice

Room acoustic effects on singers voice parameters
Author(s): Pasquale Bottalico, Natalia Łastowiecka, Silvia Murgia, Joshua Glasner, Yvonne Gonzales Redman
The effects of maxillary dental arch and singing style
Author(s): Pasquale Bottalico, Mark T. Marunick, Charles J. Nudelman, Jossemia Webster, Maria Cristina Jackson-Menaldi
Vocal adaptation to simulated acoustic environments: the role of cognitive effort and auditory imagery skills
Author(s): Keiko Ishikawa, Elisabeth Coster , Silvia Murgia , Yvonne Redman , Pasquale Bottalico
Choir conductors: voice and acoustic environment
Author(s): Baiba Trinite
Assessing acoustic parameters in Early Music and Western Operatic singing
Author(s): Silvia Capobianco , Orietta Calcinoni , Pasquale Bottalico , Sonia Tedla Chebreab , Gabriele Lombardi , Luca Bruschini
Horizontal directivity patterns for the singing voice
Author(s): Brian B. Monson
The voice in ancient spaces
Author(s): Marco Francini


PHE : The Past Has Ears project overview
Author(s): Brian F.G. Katz, Damian Murphy, Angelo Farina
Opening the lateral chapels and the acoustics of Notre-Dame de Paris: 1225–1330
Author(s): Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou, Sarabeth S. Mullins, Brian F.G. Katz
Virtual reality inside the Greek-Roman theatre of Tyndaris: comparison between existing conditions and original architectural features
Author(s): Lorenzo Lavagna, Louena Shtrepi , Angelo Farina, Antonella Bevilacqua , Arianna Astolfi
Acoustic design optimization through the use of auralization: how does it sound like?
Author(s): Lorenzo Lavagna, Louena Shtrepi , Angelo Farina, Antonella Bevilacqua , Arianna Astolfi
Preliminary analysis of vocal ensemble performances in real-time historical auralizations of the Palais des Papes
Author(s): Julien De Muynke , Nolan Eley , Julien Ferrando, Brian F.G. Katz
Directivity of a small pipe organ buffet
Author(s): Gonzalo Villegas Curulla, Piergiovanni Domenighini, Brian F.G. Katz, Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou

Workshop: New trends in sound system design for open-air venues

Design, installation and tuning issues for audio systems in large outdoor areas with artistic and archaeological constraints
Author(s): Guido Diamanti
Implementation and use of Electronic Beam Steering techniques to optimize the performance of the audio system
Author(s): Daniele Mochi