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The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres

International Symposium

Patras - Greece, 18 to 21 September 2011

Final Papers (sorted by session title)

Opening Ceremony

Ancient Theatres: Historical and Architectural Development, Spread and Use
Author(s): Martin Kreeb

Archaeology & Performance

Mask, Actor, Theatron and Landscape in classical Greek Theatre
Author(s): Thanos Vovolis
Theatre design in ancient times: science or opportunity?
Author(s): Alessandro Cocchi
Uncanny acoustic effects at Chichen Itza: Intentional design?
Author(s): David Lubman
Recreating the Sound of Stonehenge
Author(s): Bruno Fazenda, Ian Drumm
Meter Matters: Embodied Rhythms at Stage as a Challenge to the Acoustics of Ancient Theatre
Author(s): Marcus Mota
An approach into the acoustic evolution of ancient Odea
Author(s): Georgios Karadedos, Vasilios Zafranas, Panagiotis Karampatzakis
Ancient Drama: A theater or an opera?
Author(s): Kostas Moschos
Proposals for the improvement of acoustics of ancient theaters
Author(s): Kostas Moschos, Gottfried Schubert

Acoustic Measurements & Signal Processing

Acoustic radiation properties of ancient Greek theatre masks
Author(s): Alexandros Tsilfidis, Thanos Vovolis, Eleftheria Georganti, Peter Teubner, John Mourjopoulos
Reproduction of Sound Field using a Virtual Loudspeaker Array System
Author(s): Tai-Chun Fu, Ta-Chung Wang

Architecture, Ritual spaces & Roofed theatres

Acoustic Behaviour of the Chamber of Dead in the Nekyomanteion of Acheron River
Author(s): E. J. Sellountos, Demosthenes K. Polyzos, Stephanos A. Paipetis
Architectural and scenery design implementation for the improvement of the soundscape of ancient theatres
Author(s): Kalliopi Chourmouziadou, Jian Kang
Current Operation of Ancient Greek Theatres: the problem of environmental noise
Author(s): Nikos Barkas, Nikos Vardaxis
Perceptual validation in the acoustic modelling and auralization of heritage sites: The Acoustic Measurement and Modelling of St Margaret's Church, York, UK
Author(s): Aglaia Foteinou, Damian T. Murphy
The Roman odeion of Nicopolis: Observations of architectural elements affecting its acoustics. Measurements & calculations of acoustic indices
Author(s): Christos Goussios, Kalliopi Chourmouziadou, Nikolaos Tsinikas, Giorgos Kalliris
Analysis of the acoustic parameters of the Basilica "Santa Maria" on the performance of the medieval liturgical masterpiece "El Misteri"
Author(s): Ramon Peral, Nuria Campillo, Alberto Cervero
The acoustics of the Teatro Ideale by Francesco Milizia (1773)
Author(s): Lamberto Tronchin
Cognitive aspects of listening in performance spaces
Author(s): Jens Blauert

Acoustic potteries in ancient buildings

On the relation between Vitruve vasis and medieval acoustic potteries: Literary analysis of ancient texts and comparison with recent observations in situ
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Valière, Bénédicte Palazzo-Bertholon, Jean-Dominique Polack, Pauline Carvalho
A study on Aristoxenus acoustic urns
Author(s): Panagiotis Karampatzakis, Vasilios Zafranas, Spyros Polychronopoulos, Georgios Karadedos
The use of resonators in ancient Greek Theatres
Author(s): Spyros Polychronopoulos, Dimitris Kougias, Polykarpos Polykarpou, Dimitris Skarlatos
Acoustic potteries in southern Albania
Author(s): Jean-Dominique Polack
Contribution of the knowledge of the acoustic pottery in medieval and modern churches: Statistical studies of about twenty five French edifices
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Valière, Bénédicte Palazzo-Bertholon
Acoustic pottery in medieval and modern churches and temples in Europe: the state of the knowledge
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Valière, Bénédicte Palazzo-Bertholon

Conference Centre foyer

Investigations of the Acoustics of the ancient theatre of Epidauros
Author(s): George Cambourakis, Alexandra Sotiropoulou, Anastasia Savvopoulou, George Poulakos, Jannis Tzouvadakis, Athanasios Stamos
Experiments on Room Plane Wave Decomposition for Virtual Acoustics
Author(s): Ana María Torres, José Javier López, Basilio Pueo
Acoustics and Intelligibility of the Dionysus Ancient Greek Theater at the Acropolis of Athens
Author(s): George Cambourakis, Sotirios A. Dalianis, Alexandra Sotiropoulou
A method for the acoustic modeling of past soundscapes
Author(s): Braxton Boren, Malcolm Longair

Analysis, Measurement & Modeling of Epidaurus Theatre

Studies on Epidaurus with a hybrid room acoustics modeling method
Author(s): Tapio Lokki, Alex Southern, Samuel Siltanen, Lauri Savioja
Theatre of the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus and the Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus: Objective measurements, computer simulations and listening tests
Author(s): K. Angelakis, Jens Holger Rindel, Anders Christian Gade, Lauri Savioja
Measurements and Analysis of the Acoustics of the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
Author(s): Stamatis Vassilantonopoulos, Panagiotis Hatziantoniou, Nicolas-Alexander Tatlas, Tilemachos Zakynthinos, Dimitrios Skarlatos, John Mourjopoulos
Acoustic and environmental parameter measurements in Epidaurus Ancient Theatre
Author(s): Sotirios Psarras, Mercury Kountouras

Analysis & Modeling

Vitruvius and the Acoustics of Ancient Theatre: Analytical and Comparative Study According to Recent Results
Author(s): Naif A.Haddad
Echo problems in ancient theatres and a comment to the ‘sounding vessels’ described by Vitruvius
Author(s): Jens Holger Rindel
Acoustic Study of a Roman Theatre in Hispania: Colonia Clunia Sulpicia
Author(s): Gonzalo Vallejo-Ortega, J. Ignacio Sánchez-Rivera, Miguel Angel de la Iglesia Santamaría
The ERATO project and its contribution to our understanding of the acoustics of ancient theatres
Author(s): Jens Holger Rindel
Acoustic Performances of Ancient Theatres: Real Ancient versus Virtual Architecture
Author(s): Mojtaba Navvab, Fabio Bisegna, Gunnar Heilmann
The Acoustic Evolution of The Large Theatre of Pompeii
Author(s): Gino Iannace, Luigi Maffei, Patrizia Trematerra
Validation of a numerical code for edge diffraction by means of acoustical measurements on a scale model of an ancient theatre
Author(s): Andrea Farnetani, Nicola Prodi, Patrizio Fausti
The significance of sound diffraction effects in predicting acoustics in ancient theatres
Author(s): Panos Economou, Panagiotis Charalampous, Stefanos Ioannides, Polykarpos Polykarpou
On the acoustics of the gallo-roman theater of Sanxay (France)
Author(s): Tartarin Jacky
Acoustic design of the ancient theatre of Kourion, in Limassol, Cyprus
Author(s): Stamatis Vassilantonopoulos, Polykarpos Polykarpou, John Mourjopoulos
Cross laminated timber absorbent
Author(s): Jan Arne Austnes, Kristine Nore, Jarle Aarstad
Computer simulation of the effect of the audience on the acoustics of the Roman Theatre of Beneventum (Italy)
Author(s): Gino Iannace, Luigi Maffei, Francesco Aletta
The acoustics of antique theatres: Canac's life work revisited
Author(s): Jean-Dominique Polack
New measurement technique for 3D sound characterization in theatres
Author(s): Angelo Farina, Lamberto Tronchin
Acoustics and architecture in ancient open air theatres
Author(s): Nicola Prodi, Andrea Farnetani, Roberto Pompoli, Patrizio Fausti
Oiniades ancient theatre acoustical assessment
Author(s): George Cambourakis
A modern reading of ancient theatres architecture
Author(s): Franco Gugliermetti, Fabio Bisegna, Alberto Carraro
Virtual acoustics and performance Spaces in Medieval English Drama
Author(s): Mariana López, Sandra Pauletto, Gavin Kearney
The Acoustics of the Ancient Theatre of Hephaistia - Limnos Island, Greece
Author(s): Theodoros I. Niaounakis